VVP advice on euthanasia 2017

How to handle a patient request for euthanasia in psychiatry under current law? Advice from the Flemish Psychiatric Association (VVP) on the requirements of due care

Working group members:
Joris Vandenberghe (co-chairperson of the working group and pen), Koen Titeca (co-chairperson of the working group and pen), Frieda Matthys (chair of the VVP), Kris Van den Broeck (director of the VVP), Thomas Detombe (VVP communications manager), Stephan Claes, Jonas Claeys, Jürgen De Fruyt, Marc Hermans, Gilbert Lemmens, Dirk Peeters and Rob Van Buggenhout, all VVP board members

Officiële VVP-adviezen