EAGP- Summer school in geriatric psychiatry 2022


3-day course in geriatric psychiatry for junior geriatric psychiatrists

This course will provide a forum for bringing together budding European geriatric psychiatrists with academic or institutional potential and favour networking for future co-operation across Europe. 

The attendees will improve their knowledge in old age psychiatry and share experiences about mental health programs and organizations. 

The course will feature workshops, group discussions, and state of the art lectures by European experts in the field of geriatric psychiatry. The participants will be encouraged to make their own contributions 

and present their papers/research. 

Who will be the attendees? 

The course will have up to 20 places for junior geriatric psychiatrists from all over Europe. 

The interested junior geriatric psychiatrist is usually in their 2nd or 3rd year of general psychiatry training (depending on the national curriculum); being promoted by an old age faculty or an EAGP member is an asset. However, given the limited space, attendees will be selected on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

For eligibility, please join a CV. 

For more info and registration, please contact the course secretary: 

Mrs Sarah Pillonel (Secretary of Prof Armin von Gunten) 

SUPAA, DP-CHUV. Rte du Mont, 1008 Prilly-Lausanne - Switzerland

Registration deadline is the 30th June 2022


van woensdag 31 aug 2022
tot zaterdag 03 sep 2022

Prilly/ Lausanne, Switzerland, in one of Europe’s oldest old-age psychiatry services




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