Too mad to be true II – The promises and perils of the first-person perspective

Subjectivity and the first-person perspective have become central and popular ideas in various disciplines, such as philosophy, psychiatry, psychology and in psychopathological research. This popularity is due to several reasons. Firstly, in scientific research, a revaluation of the first-person perspective is claimed to lead to more sophisticated diagnostic approaches and explanatory models that would be better informed by the phenomena they seek to explain.


Accreditation for Dutch and Belgian psychiatrists is being applied for

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Van 27 mei, 2023 tot 28 mei, 2023

University of Ghent, Jasper Feyaerts - Foundation for Psychiatry and Philosophy, Wouter Kusters


Location: Ghent, Museum dr. Guislain


Robert Chapman - Sam Fellowes - Phoebe Friesen - Alastair Morgan - Elizabeth Pienkos - Richard Saville-Smith - Angela Woods





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