ISPS webinar – Soteria meets Open Dialogue

The topic:

A psychotic crisis can be a drastic and alienating experience, both for the person himself and for the people around. The Soteria approach and the Open Dialogue approach are both considered as valuable ways to organise good clinical practice for people with psychosis and their environment. During the last international ISPS conference in Perugia in 2022 these approaches received a lot of attention. The best place to cope with a psychotic crisis is at home where all the people involved can work together in Open Dialogue with each other. However, when the person with psychosis or the family members or the professionals involved conclude that a more intensive ‘being with’ is necessary a Soteria home can be a good solution. Both approaches have a lot in common. No wonder that a group of professionals, people with lived experience and family members found each other in Belgium to explore how this both approaches can be implemented in their country.

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29 juni, 2023 - 6:30 - 8:30pm CEST


Nadia Mahjoub, Huguette Beyens, Dag Van Wetter and Stefaan Huyghebaert


Julie Kipp





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